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Summer Time Activities

Summer Time Activities

It’s summer time! For some of you, that means spending time on vacation with the kids. Or maybe it means it’s time to get some much-needed time outdoors hiking or going to the beach. Here a few activities you can engage in during the summer that will help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle!


Sometimes the outdoors is just what the doctor ordered. Hiking on your favorite trail can be a great time for bonding with the family or to find some quiet time in nature.   Going outdoors can help produce Vitamin D3, which is good for the bones and your immune system. But be careful not to get too much sun! With the increase in skin cancer, make sure to put on some sunblock to save yourself and your skin from too much sun damage. Look at our previous blog post for some fun places to hike in San Diego.

Scavenger Hunts

This is a great activity for kids that takes some preparation, but can be a world of fun for you and your little ones! Make sure to include some healthy tips and facts in the scavenger hunt so that your kids will not only have fun, but also learn important nutritional education. This activity can be done indoors or outdoors, so it’s a great idea no matter what weather you may be experiencing


Martial Arts

Learning a new form of martial arts can be fun and informative as well. It not only helps the body and mind, but can also have the added benefit of helping people with conflict resolution. Don’t get me wrong, martial arts are not aimed at teaching you how to fight, but a good teacher will teach you how to handle conflicts without fighting. It will also give you the self-confidence and self-respect to achieve any goals you may have in life.

Beach Activities

When people think of summer, many people in San Diego think about the beach. Whether you decide to go swimming, explore the tide pools, or going boogie boarding, there are a ton of activities to do at the beach. And you don’t have to break the bank to have fun at the beach. And don’t forget to use sunscreen to reapply every now and then according to directions on the label!


These are just a few activities you can do during the summer. Have a great summer, and make sure to have fun while staying healthy!

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