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Holiday Celebrating without Overindulging

Holiday season is filled with family, fun, and usually a ton of food! Whether it’s the pumpkin pie or your grandma’s secret cookie recipe, most holidays come with their own temptations that can throw you off your healthy-living goals. However, there are some easy ways to celebrate without overindulging during the holidays!

Let’s start with how to tackle the food; How can you practice moderation while still celebrating with your favorite treats?

  • Stay hydrated- Not only will water improve your digestion, drinking water also reduces your appetite, leading to a lower likelihood of overeating.
  • Eat a snack before the meal- Before you head out to your holiday parties, think about eating a small, healthy snack. This will reduce your appetite.
  • Provide some healthy holiday dishes- Whether you are hosting or are attending a potluck, bring some healthy options that you enjoy, so that you can celebrate with everyone while still maintaining your healthy routines.
  • Be conscious of alcohol consumption- One easy way to overindulge is through alcohol. Make a plan and stick to it so that you are not using most of your calories on alcoholic drinks.
  • Enjoy your treats for a select amount of time- It’s the holidays, so you should absolutely eat your favorite treats! However, set boundaries on your treat eating. For example, pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving and Black Friday treat, but don’t allow yourself to eat it through December and limit to one piece per day. Choose how many days you are going to indulge in certain treats so you can indulge without falling off the wagon.
  • Wear fitted clothes – While many people may have adapted a different dress code being home, putting on some form fitting clothes may help you recognize when you are full and help you stop eating.  

Surviving the holidays isn’t all about food intake. Habits and traditions can be helpful tools to celebrate the holidays while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Stick to your routines as much as possible- If you work out in the mornings and stretch at night, do your best to stick with your routines as much as possible during the holiday season. It is easier to continue a routine than re-start an old routine.
  • Get active- Want to celebrate and get active? Try incorporating physical activity into holiday traditions! Start playing physical games or going for hikes or long walks as a family! Make activity a tradition that you look forward to so you can stay motivated!
  • Attitude- Make it fun! Attitude is everything, so set goals and routines that keep you motivated and feeling excited for holidays.
  • Sleep- Sleep is not only important to your digestion but getting a good night’s sleep is integral to stress management. No more holiday stress eating! Turn out the lights and get your sleep on!

From moderation to new physical traditions, holidays aren’t just about sitting and eating anymore.