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Adult Programs

PACIFIC (Providing Adults Collaborative Interventions for Ideal Change) Study Full!

Ages: 18-65

Providing Adults Collaborative Interventions for Ideal Change (PACIFIC) is a 2 year treatment study enrolling adults ages 18-65 who want to lose weight and stop overeating. Individuals in this study will participate in one year of group-based treatment and one year of post-treatment follow-up visits. Treatment components focus on developing healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits to meet your health goals. Interested individuals must be willing to participate for two years and live in the San Diego area.

Registration for this program has closed and the study is full.  Please follow the link below to fill out a short questionnaire and we will contact you for our new adult weight loss research program in Spring of 2018! 

SCNIP (Southern California Nutrition Incentive Program)

Southern California Nutrition Incentive Program is a multi-tiered program, which includes fruit and vegetable rebate financial incentives, promotions, and nutrition education and obesity prevention programming in a retail setting for SNAP participants who shop at eligible Northgate Markets in Southern California.