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Full Time Positions

Postdoctoral Position

Posted: March 16, 2017

We are recruiting two postdoctoral fellows at the CHEAR.  CHEAR is a multidisciplinary research program focused on overeating, obesity and binge eating and is directed by Dr. Kerri Boutelle and Dr. Kay Rhee.  Located in beautiful La Jolla, California, CHEAR includes psychologists, neuroscientists, physicians, and nutrition experts focused on improving health and promoting healthy eating behaviors through research-funded clinical trials as well as our outpatient weight-loss and binge eating clinic.

Part Time Positions (UCSD Students Only)

Outreach Student (Work-Study Required)

Posted: February 16, 2017

CHEAR is currently looking for one individual who are professional, enthusiastic, and detail-orientated. This position will be responsible for supporting our recruitment efforts. Candidates must be comfortable recruiting families and adults to research studies. Responsibilities and types of tasks may include educating at tabling events, recruitment at community outreach sites/health fairs, contacting potential organizations to promote studies, attending educational luncheons at doctors’ offices and sharing flyers. Student must be able to remain focused in a busy work environment and complete tasks independently while staying in close communication with others on the recruitment team. Freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to apply!

Social Media Student (Work-Study Required)

Posted: February 22, 2017

CHEAR is currently looking for one individual to manage and grow our social media presence. This position will be responsible for managing our social media channels (ex., Facebook, You Tube, Twitter), and be responsible for creating, editing, and publishing content related to healthy eating and activity. Other responsibilities include assisting in the development of content for CHEAR newsletters, and deepening community engagement in our social media channels. Exceptional attention to detail and outstanding written skills are essential characteristics for successful candidates. Business minors and/or a background in Marketing is highly desired. Sophomore and Junior students are encouraged to apply.

Adult and Child Behavioral Research Student (Work-Study Required)

Posted: February 24, 2017

CHEAR is currently recruiting 10 individuals who are professional, highly detail-oriented, and proficient in following complex assessment and treatment protocols with accuracy and reliability. Candidates must be comfortable working directly with adults, children and their families in a research lab setting. Responsibilities may include tasks such: as data collection and entry; preparing, setting up, and conducting various assessments (i.e. psychological and psychophysiological assessments, computer tasks, etc.); assisting interventionists before, during, and after treatment sessions; and other administrative/clerical tasks as assigned. Punctuality and time management are essential characteristics for successful candidates. Freshmen and Sophomores are encouraged to apply.